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Education and training program

Usability Ausbildung, Training und Zertifizierung mit aktuellen Usability und UX Methoden, Best Practices und Beispielen aus der Industrie!

  • ISO 9241 - By using Usability Engineering and User Experience Design, we implement the process idea as defined by ISO 9241-210 systematically and in real-life situations.
  • UX - We combine the psychological foundations of human machine interaction, as explored by Donald Norman in his classic "Psychology of Everyday Things" as well as Susan Weinschenk with modern approaches to perceptual psychology by Goldstein.
  • IxD interaction design must be designed to make workflows effective and efficient. Alan Cooper has published groundbreaking concepts here.
  • UT - Evaluation and Usability Testing was significantly influenced by Jakob Nielsen, whose experience in usability testing have been integrated into our seminars.
  • Certification - We are an accredited training provider for the certificates of UXQB, CPUX-F, ... etc.

Know How for Mobile Usability and Mobile UX or Cross Cultural Usability are among our strengths. The future usability expert can acquire the necessary basic and methodical knowledge from the Usability Academy.
Our seminar participants come from all industries: automotive, mechanical engineering, web internet, commercial vehicles, medical technology, telecom and others. We are happy to focus on the industries of the participants in the seminars, or support the cross-industry exchange of experience.

We combine the latest findings from research and teaching with many years of industry and project experience. The focus of our seminars is to make the teachings applicable to the organisation. The Usability Academy is a Recognised Training Provider at UXQB (UPA) and offers all certifications such as CPUX-F.
All participants will have access to the eLearning Platform of the Usability Academy. Upon request, we will conduct the seminars "in house", or tailor the seminars to your needs.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our training centres!

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The need

The need for high-quality, but flexibly plannable and individually compilable usability and UX training is being increasingly demanded by a wide variety of companies from different industries.
The Usability Academy follows this demand with its training concept. It is a training offer as a supplement to the classical higher education, which was put together according to the following criteria:

  • industry practice

  • process orientation

  • modularity

  • quality conscious

  • certification

Training objectives

  • Communicate basic concepts and methods based on international norms (ISO 9241) and standards

  • Develop usability professionals in core competencies such as UX design, interaction design and testing.

  • Identify individual knowledge gaps and enable learning and development paths.

  • Ensure consistent language through comparable basic knowledge in a company.


Graduations and certificates

The "Usbability Expert" was developed especially for persons, who are interested in a comprehensive qualification.

  • Usability UX expert

  • UX Architekt

  • Usability UX Manager

This one week course covers all areas required for comprehensive usability and user experience. On the last day of the course, each participant can take a test.

If participants have at least two years of work experience in the area of usability, they can put together a course offer with the degree “Usability Manager”. This course will be available over the course of the next year.

In all courses, we deem the sustainability of the taught knowledge particularly important and therefore repeatedly integrate small practical tasks into the training. Participants have the opportunity to validate their knowledge in a test conducted through our eLearning system.

Training Competency

Our training program was originally conceived and checked in terms of content in cooperation with the working group use of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, formerly professorship for user-friendly product development.

  • UX training and certification at a university level

  • Research cooperations with universities

  • BMBF (Federal Ministry for Education and Research) funded own UX Design research

Today's teaching material and the practical examples are sourced from our customers’ projects experiences. Mr. Dipl.Ing. MBA Achim Schlaugies has been active in the area of interaction design and usability consulting as well as teaching for many years. His customers range from Bosch Rexroth through WMF to Nokia, covering a wide range of industries.
The cooperation with numerous universities, especially in Rhineland-Palatinate, enables a continuous and lasting quality of the education and training offer.
Currently, new UX design concepts are being developed in the research project FIGURE.


Training Quality

Practical relevance, education at a university level and method selection are self-evident components of our training.

Our speakers have an industry and consulting background and prepare current trends in a practical manner for the participants. Best practices are taught case-based to the participants. We pay attention to the feasibility of our training content for the practice of each individual.
University level:
Our courses are structured according to the principles of adult qualification and correspond to German university level. We endeavor to constantly optimise our offer to the wishes of the participants through constant teaching evaluation.
Competent speakers:
Our speakers are subject matter experts in the respective topic and have appropriate professional experience and didactic skills.

Method selection:

We offer an overview of current usability methods in our courses. In order to provide all participants with applicable methods, we differentiate between advanced and low-cost methods. Even with a small budget, usability can be put into practice. Special emphasis is placed on the acquisition of application skills when teaching usability methods.
Usability Cases:
We impart our knowledge on the basis of usability case studies in order to workably communicate applicable rules, methods and processes. Taught approaches are applied and subsequently reflected upon together.