UXE UX Experte Track

Your Usability Training, UX Design Course and CPUX-F Certification for your success

Designing user-friendly products and professionally educating themselves in usability and user experience design: these are success factors for many companies and employees in times of digitization. We impart usability principles and show successful methods from usability engineering and user experience design that can be implemented in your company. The Usability Academy is "Recognized Training Provider" of the UXQB and offers certifications and trainings in German and English.

UA1100 Track Usability Experte 1


UA1100 Usability & UX Expert

Comprehensive insights into usability engineering:

  • The seminar contains the complete curriculum of the certification training for the CPUX-UT of the UXQB.
  • A remote usability test will be conducted with real users in the seminar, evaluation of the results, further evaluation methods will be presented.
  • Optionally, the participants can additionally take the official examination for the CPUX-F.


UA1005 Usability & UX Foundation Training - Basic Training / Inhouse / Team event

Two-day seminar as an introduction to the world of usability and user experience design. The Foundation-Level Training can also be booked in-house for whole teams, please contact us for an individual offer here. Course content:

  • Basics of usability and user experience
  • Overview of usability engineering
  • Basic Principles of 'Good UX Design', Golden Rules
  • Overview prototyping and usability testing


UA1010 CPUX-F Certified Usability & UX Basic certification

As a Certified Professional for User Experience (Foundation Level), you demonstrate that you are familiar with the basic terms of usability engineering for interactive systems. This course prepares for the practical exam CPUX-F and works with examples from.

  • As a student, you get access to the eLearning Platform of the Usability Academy.
  • The practical exam for the CPUX-F Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience will be conducted after the seminar.
  • The certificate CPUX "Certified Professional Usability and User Experience" is internationally recognized.


UA1050 IxD - Interaction Design & Specification

Our course provides an overview of methods and best practices in interaction design:

  • Refreshment on the topics of usability, user experience and usability engineering
  • Design Thinking
  • Analysis phase and usability methods for IxD - UX design
  • Scenario Development IxD - UX Design
  • Persona IxD - UX Design Workflow, UseCase & Wireframe
  • IxD - UX design


UA1070 AXURE Prototyping Professional

Axure as a prototyping software offers extensive possibilities to create high-fidelity prototypes even without programming knowledge. We train entire teams in Europe in Axure as a prototyping tool at all levels, in German and English. Course content:

  • Widgets and Widget Libraries
  • Page Properties & Guides
  • Interactions
  • Dynamic panels
  • Conditional logic
  • Flowcharts
  • Specifications


UA1080 CPUX-UT Usability Testing & Evaluation

Course content:

  • test preparation
  • Typical problems
  • Performing usability tests
  • Preparation of test results and communication
  • Management Summary
  • Variants of usability testing
  • Evaluation types (inspection types)
  • Typical problems
  • user survey


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