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Usability and User Experience Trainings and Certification in Americas (USA - Canada)

Usability and UX trainings - from foundation level up to Usability & UX Expert - We offer UX Design workshops, trainings and a UX Designer Bootcamp, workshops in Prototyping (Axure/Figma/Adobe XD) and more.

Start your new career pathway, refresh your knowledge and skills to nowadays best practices or take the next step in your career - we have the right training for you.

Our courses are live online sessions along all american time zones, scheduled to mainly half-day courses to enable you to continue working and to do a valuable Usability & UX or UX UI Design qualification for your professional career.

Usability & UX Engineering courses incl. certification- for all devices and all industries


UA1010 CPUX F Foundation

UA1012 Usability & User Experience Professional- Foundation Level

Usability & UX Professional - Foundation Level course with optional certification. Usability Academy has been an accredited training provider since 2014. We are market leader and trained about 1200 from about 5500 certified professionals. Get an overview of the basics of human centered design principles, understand and specify the context of use, specify user requirements, UX Design - produce design solutions to meet user requirements, Usability Evaluation - learn to evaluate the design against user requirements.

This course is included in UA1015, UA1018 & UA1100.

4 half days LIVE ONLINE training + exam + 1 certificate (optional)  - no previous knowledge required


LN UA1015 UX Designer CPUX F

UA1015 UX Design Professional & CPUX-F Certification

UX-Design Professional workshop including certification for the development and design of websites / mobile & tablet apps. The course takes you from the basics of human centered design, to usage context analysis, persona, conception, user needs and user requirements, interaction design, prototyping up to usability testing. The workshop focuses on many practical exercises and real life workflows.

4,5 days LIVE ONLINE workshop + exam + 2 certificates - intermediate level


LN UA1015 UX Designer CPUX F

UA1018 UX Designer Bootcamp & CPUX-F Certification

Start your new career and become a UX Designer in 6 weeks (full time) ! In addition to the basics of Usability & User Experience (UX)- Foundation Level, the training conveys all the important concepts for developing and designing websites / mobile, tablet, web apps and TouchDesign on a complete project workflow. You start with a context of use analysis, develop personas and derive user requirements for your project. The basics of good design help you to create usage scenarios, user flows and prototypes. You learn how to use perceptual psychology, intuitiveness and affordances in interaction design.You will learn to test and evaluate iteratively with real users and video recordings.

Unique: Plan, implement and evaluate remote usability tests with real users.

6 or 12 weeks LIVE ONLINE training + exam + 2 certificates - Beginners


UA1100 Usability UX Expert

UA1100 Usability & UX Expert & CPUX-F Certification

The Usability & UX training with all important methods from the UXQB® CPUX-F, CPUX-UT, CPUX-UR and CPUX-DS Curriculum. Usability engineering with many practical exercises. Learn how Lean UX, design thinking, virtual collaboration with V-Classroom-XL works. The online course for UX professionals who want to shape our digital future.

10 half days LIVE ONLINE training & workshop + exam + 2 certificates - training for professionals with experience


UX certification (CPUX-F - Usability & UX Expert), Prototyping with Axure, Figma, Adobe XD and Design Thinking from the market leader

We focus on knowledge which is based in international standards such as the ISO 9241 or the IEC 62366. This guarantees that your training, the methods you are learning, the knowledge you are gaining, are recognized worldwide. One very important point when talking about training is that all team members in a development team or a company do speak the same language. That's what we are supporting in all our trainings.

The trainings are for developers, product managers, product owners, marketing professionals, web developers, app developers, head of marketing, sales and service. We also provide management trainings to provide insights into business benefits and how to create strategic advantages in a digital future. 



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