UA1100 Usability Expert - ENGLISH - Basel

UA1100 Usability & UX Expert Certification

Usability & UX training in 5 days: basics of ISO 9241, requirements engineering according to CPUX-UR, Design Thinking & Axure prototyping for usability testing + test + CPUX-F certification*.


  • 5 days workshop (40 hours) + test + certificate

Basics of Usability and UX according to ISO 9241 - CPUX-F curriculum

  • Overview of the topics usability, user experience, UCD user centered design, ISO 9241
  • Basics of user centered design ISO 9241-210
  • Most important standards and guidelines ISO 9241-11 / 110/12
  • Intensive seminar CPUX-F content
  • CPUX-F certification possible. Please call at registration, if desired.*

Basics of Good Designs

  • Basic principles of good UX designs, golden rules
  • Layout and design rules
  • Basics of interaction design and graphic design
  • Innovative UX design

Usability Engineering

  • Introduction to the process of usability engineering - ISO 9241
  • Product innovation and market positioning through usability und user experience
  • Differences and similarities of usability and software development processes
  • How to connect SCRUM and other agile methods with usability engineering

Usability methods

  • 30 important usability methods
  • Integration into the UCD process
  • Basics of requirement engineering
  • Overview of the task analysis
  • Getting to know the most important methods of a usability analysis
  • Integration of analytical methods into the process of usability engineering
  • Applying analytical methods to exercises

Usability Evaluation

  • Overview of usability evaluation and usability testing
  • Getting to know the most important methods of a usability evaluation
  • Integration of evaluation methods into the process of usability engineering
  • Exercise: Pplanning an a usability evaluation
  • CuricullumCurriculum CPUX-UT

Usability Testing

  • Basics of planning, running and evaluation ofevaluating usability studies and tests
  • Practical exercises for the efficient and successful planning of usability tests
  • Presentation of usability results
  • Hints and tips for running and evaluating usability testing
  • Exercise: Planning and running a usability test

Design Thinking Process

  • Basics of design thinking processes
  • Application in IxD interaction design und UxD user experience design
  • Conceptual design: from the idea to the concept
  • Strategies and methods for implementation

Analysis Phase and Usability Methods for IxD - UX Design

  • Interview and questionnaire
  • Other methods of analysis
  • Brainstorming and development, scope definition and ideation
  • Task analysis, workflow analysis
  • Exercise: ideation

Scenario Development IxD - UX Design

  • Script and scenario
  • Scenario vs. user story; what’s the difference?
  • Scenario and user experience
  • Exercise: Scenario

Persona IxD - UX-Design

  • Persona and variants of persona
  • Persona vs. role; what’s the difference?
  • User experience and persona
  • Exercise: persona

Workflow, Usecase & Wireframe IxD - UX Design

  • Procedures and sequences for a task oriented design
  • Iterative development of workflow, usecase & wireframe
  • Wireframe development
  • Validation of concept ideas
  • Exercises: Workflow, usecase, wireframe

Interaction design IxD - UX Design

  • Overview: interaction elements and their use
  • Basic rules of user experience design
  • Innovative UX design (e.g. Gesture, NUI)


  • Introduction to prototyping in the context of usability engineering
  • Overview of prototype styles, purposes of use and testing times
  • Low fidelity prototyping
  • Exercise: ‘Paper-prototyping’ or / and tool-supported prototyping

Prototyping with Axure

  • Prototyping in the context of usability engineering
  • Overview of prototype styles, purposes of use and testing times
  • Low fidelity prototyping
  • Exercise: ‘aper prototyping’
  • High-fidelity prototyping
  • Exercise: ‘Creating interactive prototypes’ (Axure)

Special: Mobile UX & Responsive Design

  • Mobile first - What's behind it?
  • Responsive design
  • Basics of cross-cultural usability engineering

Test and Certificate ”Usability Academy - Certified Usability Expert“

  • Exam for usability experts
  • Online test with 100 questions (please bring a notebook with you)
  • Multiple choice, free writing eExercise, matching tasks
  • Award of the Usability Academy Certificate

*Information for the CPUX-F exam:

The CPUX-F test can only be executed by the testing provider (Certible / ISQI) with a minimum of 5 participants. If the exam can not be taken after the course, you can take it in test centers near you. Details about registration, payment and locations can be found in our information material here:

Information for CPUX-F exam

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Price: 3.750,- CHF plus VAT

CPUX-F certification fee: 350,- CHF plus VAT

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Event date 16-03-2020 9:00 am
Event End Date 20-03-2020 5:00 pm
Capacity 10
Cut off date 13-03-2020 10:00 am
Individual Price 3.750,00CHF
Usability Academy Basel
Innere Margarethenstrasse 5, 4051 Basel
Usability Academy Basel
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