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UA3010 CPUX-F - Medizinprodukte IEC 62366

UA3010 CPUX - UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – Foundation Level (CPUX-F)

The seminar provides the knowledge for the basic certification CPUX according to UXQB®. The certificate "UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – Foundation Level (CPUX-F)" certifies that the certificate holder is familiar with the basic terms and concepts of the field of usabilityand user experience in the most important areas of competence:
  • Usability principles and guidelines
  • Understanding and specifying the context of use
  • Specifying usage requirements
  • Specifying the interaction
  • Usability tests
  • Inspections and user surveys
  • Process management and use of methods


  • 2 days
    Option: 2nd day 15.00h – 16:15h CPUX-F exam (Please state when registering, if desired)

Target Group:

  • Manufacturers of medical devices
  • Product Managers medical devices
  • User interface designers
  • Software engineers
  • Project managers
  • Quality managers
  • All persons involved in development projects, who work in and have a say in the design of medical
  • Marketing

Module 1:

The human-centered design process - Human Centered Design:

  • Understanding of the essential elements of human-centred design
  • 6 principles of human-centered design
  • Involve users
  • Iteration based on frequent usability evaluation
  • Addressing the entire user experience
  • Agile development and Lean UX
  • Maturity levels of usability maturity
Practical exercises:
  • Classification of usability maturity

Basic Concepts – Usability & User Experience:

  • Usability & User Experience (UX) & what is the difference
  • Concept of usability
  • Effectiveness, Efficiency & Satisfaction
  • Design & implement user experience
  • Goal, user interface, dialogue and interactive system
  • Accessibility
  • Essential contents of ISO 9241
  • Responsibilities of a User Experience Professional
Practical exercises:
  • Differentiate usability & user experience using practical examples (IOS / Android / Windows Mobile)

Module 2:

Planning the human-centered design process:

  • Work results and methods
  • Human-centric quality goals

Understanding and specifying the context of use:

  • Elements of the context of use
  • Task models & goals
  • User groups, User group profiles and persona
  • Primary users, Secondary users, Indirect users
  • Actual scenarios versus use scenarios (target scenarios)
  • Interview and observation techniques
  • User Journey Map
Practical exercises:
  • Prepare and conduct interview
  • Description of context of use after brainstorming

Usability Tests & Usability Evaluation I:

  • Types of usability tests
  • Select and formulate usability test tasks
  • Prepare and conduct usability tests
  • Document and communicate usability test results
  • Inspections and user surveys
  • Types of inspection
  • Inspection criteria
  • User survey
Practical exercises:
  • The trainer moderates a test session, one participant is the test participant
  • Evaluation a website using heuristic evaluation

Module 3:

 Specifying User Requirements:

  • User needs versus user requirements
  • User requirements as a subset of stakeholder requirements
Practical exercises:
  • Derive user requirements

Design solutions - Specifying the interaction:

  • Task modeling as a basis for interactions which are suitable for the tasks
  • Interaction specification with use scenarios and storyboards
  • Information architecture and navigation structure
  • Mental models, affordances, gestalt principles
  • Style guide, user interface elements and design patterns
Practical exercises:
  • Develop low-fidelity prototype

Module 4: Design solutions - Specifying the interaction II

Exam preparation CPUX-F:

  • Exam preparation CPUX-F
Practical exercises:
  • Develop low-fidelity prototype

CPUX-F Certification Exam:

300,- plus VAT

Price: € 995,- plus VAT

Recommended prerequisite: none - Also suitable for beginners

Advanced Courses: UA3015 UX-Designer + CPUX-F Medical Products


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