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Prototyping with Figma Basic & Advanced UA1073

ONLINE Seminar with V-Classroom-XL - Video Audio - ONLINE REALTIME WHITEBOARD - eLearning Portal - Virtual Classroom

1.5 days (9:00 a.m. - approx. 05:30 p.m. and 9.00 a.m. - 01.00 p.m.)
3 modules

Seminar content:

  • Short introduction to human-centred design
  • Information about Figma
  • Introduction to all Figma tools
  • Using tools/shape tools
  • Creating an object and working on it with borders, shadows and gradients
  • Using set operators, masking and paths
  • Creating icons and logo designs
  • Designing wireframes for a product overview
  • Getting to know grid settings and adapting them to wireframes
  • Develop a navigation structure for the prototype
  • Using libraries, creating and managing your own libraries
  • Create your own styles for colours, fonts, shadows and frames
  • Designing a prototype interactively
  • Working with components
  • Using plugins ( + plugin recommendation)
  • Responsive prototypes and auto-layout
  • Extending the prototype with small animations (e.g. loading bars)
  • Use of branches
  • Testing/releasing prototypes on the end device
  • Explanation of the Dev-Mode
  • Introduction to FigJam

Who is the course suitable for:

Beginners and intemediate learners in the fields of:

App and web design
UI/ UX design

General information:

Each participant needs a notebook or similar. Furthermore, access to the internet should be possible.

Price: 695,- € plus VAT.


Dates UA1073

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