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UA1081E CPUX-UT Usability Testing seminar 1 day

UA1081 Usability Testing & Evalution Intensive seminar

  • 1 day, 09 am to 6 pm

Short description:

  • Usability Testing
  • Usability Evaluation
  • Corresponds to the Curicullum of the course CPUX-UT

Target group:

     All persons who carry out a usability evaluation or a usability test accompany

  • Product Manager, Product Designer, User Interface Designer, Software Engineer, Project Manager, Quality Manager

Seminar content:

Usability Testing

  • Test Preparation
    • Create a test plan
    • Create a test script
    • Recruit test participants
  • Typical problems
    • Test task creation
    • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Execute a Usability Test
    • Preparation of the test
    • Briefing
    • Pre-test interview
    • Test moderation
    • Post-test interview
    • De-briefing
    • Typical problems
  • Processing of test results and communication
    • Psychological aspects of the test result mediation
    • Interpretation and evaluation of test results
    • Usability test report
    • KJ method, affinity diagrams
    • video analysis
  • Management Summary
  • Variants of usability testing
    • Discount usability test
    • Remote Usability Test
    • Unattended usability test
    • Crowd Usability Testing
    • Quantitative usability evaluation
    • Eye-tracking
    • RITE (Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation
    • International Testing
    • Usability Testing exceed Desktop Applications: Mobile phones, ticket machines, televisions, smartphones, tablets

Usability Testing (insprection):

  • Evaluation types (inspection types)
    • Heuristic evaluation
    • Expert Review
    • Review
    • Cognitive walkthrough
    • Persona based review
  • Typical problems
    • inspection criteria
    • heuristics
    • design rules
    • use requirements
    • Inspection without inspection criteria
  • user survey
    • Distinguish the goals of a user survey
    • Select type of user survey
    • Qualitative user survey
    • Quantitative user survey
    • Planning a user survey
    • Recruit survey participants
    • Select or create a questionnaire
    • Evaluate survey results
    • Present survey results
    • Typical problems in questions



595,- Euro without examination fee plus VAT

Recommended prerequisites: UA1010 CPUX-F Foundation


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