Usability Academy 10 A




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UA1090 Usability & UX Expert - CPUX-F 4 days

UA1090 Usability & UX Expert Certification Course - CPUX* - 4 Days

Usability & UX Training in four days, Usability Test & Evaluation CPUX-UT,  Requirements Engineering according to CPUX-UR, Design Thinking & Axure Prototyping + Usability Academy Test . This is the training for every UX Professional.

Basic Prociples of good Design

  • Basic principles of ʼGood UX Designʽ‚ Golden Rules
  • Perception psychology - mental models, affordances, gestalt principles
  • Composition and design rules
  • Foundations of interaction design and graphic design
  • Innovative UX Design

Usability Engineering

  • Introduction to the usability engineering process - ISO 9241-210
  • Product innovation and market positioning through usability and user experience
  • Differences and similarities between usability and software development processes
  • How to combine SCRUM and other agile methods with usability engineering

Usability Methods

  • 30 important usability methods
  • Classification of the UCD process
  • Basics of Requirements Engineering
  • Overview of the task analysis
  • Getting to know the main usability analysis methods
  • Classification of the analysis methods in the usability engineering process
  • Applying the analysis methods during exercises

Usability Evaluation

  • Overview of usability evaluation and usability testing
  • Getting to know the most important usability evaluation methods
  • Classification of the evaluation methods in the usability engineering process
  • Curriculum CPUX-UT
  • Exercise: Planning and executing a usability evaluation

Usability Testing - CPUX-UT Curriculum 

  • Overview of usability testing
  • Basics for planning, executing and evaluating usability studies and tests
  • Practical exercises for the efficient and successful planning of usability tests
  • Presentation of usability results
  • Tips and tricks for conducting and evaluating usability tests
  • Exercise: Planning and executing a usability test

Design Thinking Process 

  • Basics of the design thinking process
  • Application in IxD interaction design and UxD user eXperience design
  • Conceptual design: from the idea to the concept
  • Strategies and methods of implementation

Analysis Phase and Usability Methods for IxD - UX Design 

  • Interview and questionnaire
  • Other methods of analysis
  • Brainstorming and idea development, scope definition and ideation
  • Task analysis, workflow analysis
  • Exercise: Ideation / design thinking approach

Scenario Development IxD - UX Design

  • Scenario Development IxD - UX Design
  • Screenplay and scenario
  • Scenario vs. user story; What's the difference?
  • Scenario and user experience
  • Exercise: Scenario

Persona IxD - UX Design

  • Persona and variants of the persona
  • Persona vs role; What's the difference?
  • User Experience and persona
  • Exercise: Persona

Workflow, UseCase & Wireframe IxD - UX Design

  • Processes and sequences for a task-oriented design
  • Iterative development of Workflow, UseCase & Wireframe
  • Wireframe development
  • Validation of concept ideas
  • Exercise: Workflow, UseCase, Wireframe

Interaction Design IxD - UX Design

  • Overview of interaction elements and their use
  • Basic rules of user experience design
  • Innovative UX design (eg Gesture, NUI)


  • Introduction to prototyping in the context of usability engineering
  • Overview of prototype types, uses and test times
  • Low-fidelity prototyping
  • Exercise: ‘Paper prototyping or/ and tool-based prototyping

Prototyping with Axure

  • Prototyping in the context of usability engineering
  • Overview of prototype types, uses and test times
  • Low-fidelity prototyping
  • Exercise: 'Paper Prototyping'
  • High-fidelity prototyping
  • Exercise: Creating interactive prototypes (Axure)

Special: Mobile UX & Responsive Design

  • Mobile First - What's behind the philosophy?
  • Responsive design
  • Fundamentals of cross-cultural usability engineering

Test and Certificate "Usability Academy - Certified Usability Expert" 

  • Theoretical exam to become a certified usability expert
  • Practical exam / creation of a prototype
  • Online test from a pool of about 100 questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Award of the Usability Academy certificate

Price: € 2.495,- plus VAT


Prerequisite: UA1010 CPUX-F Foundation or equivalent professional experience

Further courses: UX Architect






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