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UA1116 Usability & UX Expert CPUX-F - Live ONLINE Flex

  • The seminar is for everyone who wants to qualify for a job in digitalization (Internet, software, Internet of Things, product development, automotive, administration, space travel, aviation) and who want to carry out usability tests and evaluations and develop digital interaction concepts.
  • The Usability & UX seminar with all the important methods from the UXQB® CPUX-F, CPUX-UT, CPUX-UR and CPUX-DS Curriculum.
  • Learn how Lean UX, Design Thinking, and virtual collaboration work with V-Classroom-XL. The online course to become a UX professional.
  • Motto of the seminar: From the idea to creative methods, storyboard, to the interactive prototype.
  • In addition to the basics of CPUX-F, the seminar conveys all the important concepts for the development and design of digital products, websites / mobile, tablet, web apps and TouchDesign.
  • You start with a context of use analysis, develop personas and derive user requirements.
  • The basics of good design help you to create usage scenarios, user flows and prototypes. You learn how to use perceptual psychology, intuitiveness and affordances in interaction design.
  • You will learn to test and evaluate iteratively with real users and video recordings.
  • Unique: Planning, implementation and evaluation of remote usability tests with real users and planning, preparation and implementation of moderated usability tests.
  • Usability & UX expert course including preparation for the basic certification CPUX-F of the UXQB®.
  • The certificate “UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience - Foundation Level (CPUX-F)” certifies that the certificate holder is familiar with the basic terms and concepts from the field of usability and user experience in the most important fields of competence.

Target group:

  • Start-ups / Web & Mobile Responsible
  • Product manager web, mobile, tablet
  • User interface designer web, mobile, tablet
  • Software engineers web, mobile, tablet, project Manager, quality manager
  • All those involved in development projects who work and have a say in the design of user interfaces for web, mobile and tablet solutions.
  • Marketing, web usability, conversion rate optimization

Scope of services & duration:

  • 108 teaching units - 1 unit = 45 minutes

  • 108 TU LIVE ONLINE presence with trainer

  • 12 weeks - part-time (max 12 hours a week)

  • CPUX-F & Usability & UX-Expert exam fee: included in the price

  • Literature included in the price: Basic knowledge of usability and user experience / Thomas Geis, Guido Tesch and 4 other books

The human-centered design process - Human Centered Design

  • Understand the essential elements of human-centered design
  • 6 principles of human-centered design
  • Involve users
  • Iteration based on frequent usability evaluation
  • Addressing the entire user experience
  • Agile development and Lean UX
  • Maturity levels of usability maturity

Basic terms - Usability & User Experience 

  • Usability & User Experience (UX) & the difference
  • Concept of usability
  • Effectiveness, efficiency & satisfaction
  • Design & implement user experience
  • Goal, user interface, dialogue and interactive system
  • Accessibility and resources
  • Essential contents of ISO 9241
  • Responsibilities of a User Experience Professional

Planning the human-centered design process:

  • Work results and methods
  • Human-centered quality goals

Understanding and specifying the context of use

  • Elements of the context of use
  • Task models & goals
  • User groups, user group profiles and persona
  • Primary users, secondary users, indirect users
  • Actual scenarios versus usage scenarios (target scenarios)
  • Interview and observation techniques
  • User journey map

Specifying the usage requirements

  • User needs versus user requirements
  • User requirements as a subset of the stakeholder requirements

Specifying the interaction

  • Task modeling as the basis for task-appropriate interactions
  • Interaction specification with usage scenarios and storyboards
  • Information architecture and navigation structure
  • Basic principles of 'good UX design', golden ratio, aesthetics
  • Perceptual Psychology - Mental Models, Affordances, Gestalt Principles
  • Design rules
  • IOS / Google style guide

Usability tests

  • Types of usability tests
  • Select and formulate usability test tasks
  • Prepare and carry out usability tests
  • Document and communicate usability test results
  • Inspections and user surveys
  • Types of inspection
  • Inspection criteria
  • User survey

Usability test & expert evaluation

  • Inspection - Expert Evaluatuion
  • Getting to know the most important usability evaluation methods, expert review, heuristic evaluation, cognitive walkthrough
  • Classification of the evaluation methods in the usability engineering process

Plan, carry out and evaluate usability tests

  • Variants of usability tests
  • Prepare a usability test
  • Carrying out a usability test
  • Recruitment of test subjects
  • Prepare evaluation report
  • Implementation of a KJ workshop
  • Report findings
  • Prioritize and categorize findings

User requirements engineering

  • Plan and perform context of use analysis
  • Collect and document context of use information
  • Identify needs in context of use information
  • Derive and structure usage requirements from requirements
  • Consolidate usage requirements
  • Work products and roles

Design Solutions

  • Use scenarios, task models, information architecture, navigation structure
  • User flows - workflows
  • Wireframes
  • Low fidelity prototypes, high fidelity prototypes
  • Mobile & Responsive Design
  • Touchscreen design
  • Voice interaction, gesture control

Exam "Certified Usability & UX Professional Foundation Level"

  • Participants take the exam for the Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience Foundation Level.
  • Examination and certificate "Usability Academy - Usability & UX Expert"

Exam for Usability & UX Expert

  • Online test with about 40 questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Award of the Usability Academy certificate


Live online course: special offer € 3,300 *

Recommended requirement: none


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