UA1050E - IxD Interaction Design - UX Design


  •   2 day seminar

Introduction and Repetition of Basics

  • Refreshing the topics usability, user experience and usability engineering based on the rules and guidelines of ISO 9241
  • Refreshing the basic principles of ‘good UX design’, golden rules  

Design Thinking Process

  • Basics of the design thinking process
  • Application to the IxD interaction design and UxD user experience design

Analysis Phase and Usability Methods for IxD - UX Design 

  • Interview and questionnaire
  • Other analysis methods
  • Brainstorming and idea development, scope definition and ideation
  • Task analysis, workflow analysis
  • Exercise: ideation

Szenario development IxD - UX Design

  • Script and szenario
  • Szenario vs user story; what’s the difference?
  • Szenario und User Experience
  • Übung: Szenario

Persona IxD - UX-Design  

  • Persona and variants of the persona
  • Persona vs role; what’s the difference?
  • User experience and persona
  • Exercise: persona

Workflow, Use Case & Wireframe IxD - UX Design

  • Processes and sequences for a task oriented design
  • Iterative development of a workflow, use case and wireframe
  • Wireframe development
  • Validation of concept ideas
  • Exercise: workflow, use case, wireframe

Interaction Design IxD - UX Design

  • Overview of the interaction elements and their usage
  • Basic user experience design rules


  • Introduction to prototyping within the context of usability engineering
  • Overview of types of prototypes, operational purposes and times of testing
  • Low fidelity prototyping
  • Exercise: ‘paper prototyping’ or / and tool-based prototyping

Overview of Usability Testing

  • Basics on the planning, conducting and evaluation of usability studies and tests

Price: 995,- Euro plus VAT

Recommended prerequisites: UA1010 CPUX-F Foundation



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