UA1055 - Mobile TouchDesign - iPhone, iPad, Android


  •   2 days

Course Objectives

  • Learning the most important criteria for touch screen design of iPad / iPhone / Android & mobile devices (smart phones, tablets)
  • Being able to describe and develop touch screen concepts up to HTML (Axure) prototypes for mobile devices (smart phones, tablets)

Basics of Mobile Usability and Mobile User Experience

  • Overview of the topics usability, user experience and user centered design
  • Most important rules and guidelines DIN ISO 9241
  • Mobile touch screen hardware - iPad + iPhone + Android
  • Bascis of interaction design for touch screen devices

Mobile Interaction Design IxD for iPad, iPhone and Android

  • Basic principles of ’good UX design’, golden rules
  • Basic user experience design principles for iPad, iPhone and Android
  • Definition and description of task oriented workflows for tablets and smartphones
  • Structuring and placement of interaction elements
  • Design of wireframes in regards to user centered design
  • Exercise wireframes for tablets and smartphones
  • Optimising the usability and user experience for tablets & mobile devices
  • Design of apps vs design of mobile websites vs HTML apps

Mobile Usability Testing

  • Overview of mobile usability testing
  • Basic principles on the planning, execution and analysis of usability studies and tests

Prototyping for iPad, iPhone and Android

  • Prototyping in the context of usability engineering
  • Overview of types of prototypes, operational purposes and times of testing
  • Exercise prototyping with Axure - HTML prototype for iPad / iPhone / Android



  • Presentation and discussion
  • Working with a case study and working interactively in small groups
  • Access to the Usability Academy work platform for preparation and follow-up
  • In order to take this course you should know the basics of usability and usability engineering and be familiar with standard usability methods and touch screen design basics.


Price: 995,- Euro plus VAT


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